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Church Members Call On Govt For Help Over Armed Robbers Attack In FCT

A group of bandits stormed a church in FCT, stealing members' phones and money and almost kidnapping four women

A suspected armed robbery gang invaded the New Ona Iwa Mimo Onimajemu Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Angwan Kwaso, Tunga-Maje community in Zuba, FCT, carting away money and phones of church members.

Speaking with newsmen, Prophet Oladejo John, the leader of the church said the event created panic and fear in the community as the suspected gunmen shot sporadically during their operation.

Recounting his experience, the church leader said the bandit had earlier abducted three women who were on the premises for a vigil. Speaking further, he said the robbers retreated after he smashed a bottle which made a gun-shot like sound.

“I came back, took a bottle of soft drink around the Church premises, then threw it in the direction of the bandits; it hit a rock and sounded like a gunshot.

“They fired back at my direction and ran away, leaving the three women behind,” he said.

An eyewitness identified as Mrs Komolafe Bose who spoke to the press said identified as Mrs Komolafe Bose who spoke to the press said the prophet stood up to identify himself as the leader of the church.

In her own words, “The other one attacked and beat him, asking where he kept his money and phone.

“After robbing us, they took four women away including daddy’s wife, they took me with my daughter, when getting outside the Church, they asked me to go back.

“My daughter was taken away, on their way inside the bush, they told one of the women to go back, and then left with the remaining three.

“They told our pastor to pay N5 million for the women to be released.

“He followed them behind, on his way, he saw that the woman had been released.’’


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