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Believer’s Conduct: 4 Things Not To Do When Another Believer Is In Trouble

Although we suppose to find comfort in each other, believers are often too afraid to trust one another in trouble. Check out things not to do to help

Ever wonder why we keep secrets from one another even as believers? I mean, one Christian is going through a difficult time and he is afraid to share the burden with another believer because he thinks his problems will most likely multiply.

The bible says “bear one another’s burden and by so doing, you fulfill the laws of Christ”, so how do we do this as believers? How do we really take care of each other, look out for each other as the scripture commands us? Consider this practical points to note when dealing with a Christian who is going through challenges.

1..Don’t panic: No matter how heavy or bad the situation is, try as much as possible to avoid the panic button.  Ask yourself this question, what mood is the person sharing with you? The person is most likely panicking, worried or disturbed. then ask again, why is this person sharing with me? To give succor and tranquility or to heighten the already bad situation? be kind, be compassionate and sympathetic, but don’t allow yourself get drawn into the same situation the person is in and you will not be able to help.

2. Mind Your Actions and Reactions: Someone sat me down one day to share a story I can only describe as sordid, as this person was talking, I wanted to scream, shout, or make a face to show I was disgusted, but then I heard a gentle whisper in my heart, ‘be calm, act like it is normal’. Though it was hard, that is exactly what I did, I pretended like it was no big deal and I noticed this person felt safe with me. I learned a lesson for life.

Sometimes we think we need to shout, scream and make faces to show compassion, but no, the person talking to you is going through enough emotions already, don’t add yours to it, there are better ways to show you care.

3. Don’t Belittle: Don’t belittle the situation anyone is, that is in no way helpful. Someone complains he has been sick with typhoid for months despite different medications and your reaction is to compare him with the man who is down with cancer and is still going to church. No two situations are the same. people break down not because of the situation itself but their state of mind, staminal and the emotions that come with it. Never belittle anyone’s challenge, nothing hurts more.

4. Don’t Share With Other: Especially confidential information. Don’t Use someone’s life to teach another person a lesson, especially explicitly, most times, this is ‘grand stylish gossip’. The person concern will not appreciate such. if they want to use their lives as a lesson, it is left to them, their decision, not yours.

These are practical ways we could help each other. I know the list is not comprehensive enough, so endeavor to add yours in the comment box below.

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