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Movie Review: A Phase in Time (Mount Zion Films)– Lesson for Wives And Their Husbands

Movie Review: A Phase in Time (Mount Zion Films)– Lesson for Wives And Their Husbands

What should a married woman who is passionate about ministry and is on fire for the Lord do? Especially when the children are young and constantly demanding for attention. This question is what the movie A Phase In Time provided answers to

A Phase in Time is a new Mount Zion movie written by Gloria Bamiloye. The story focused on two families who living close and attending the same church. The wives, Sister Funke and Sister Tade were both passionate about the serving the Lord and would do anything to ensure they fulfill the ministry the Lord had assigned to them.

They both traveled to the mission field at a time without the full approval of their husbands. A lady Tade sent to watch over her children started making incantations on them at night, but for the timely intervention of her husband who came to check up on the children. This incidence made Tade considered her act of negligence and insubordination towards her husband. But Funke, on the other hand, was determined to ‘go all the way’ for the Lord.

A few years later, it was harvest time, their kids were grown and the Inputs of the parents, especially the mothers began to manifest.

While Tade was at peace, rising high in her calling, Funke, on the other hand, was in trouble as her only son had gone rogue due to negligence on the part of the mother.

Can women have callings? Yes, but should this be at the expense of the home? Never! The Lord commanded women to submit to their husbands and this commandment is not with a clause, it must be in all things.

Aside from this, the movie teaches women to accept their home as their primary calling. If they fail at the home front, nothing else will matter. This movie is a must watch.

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