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Bishop David Abioye: Nigeria Is Being Islamaized, Who Not To Vote For In 2019

Bishop David Abioye of Winners Chapel has warned Nigerians to be vigilant and watchful as killers are everywhere in this country

Nigerians have been warned not to vote for leaders who place a higher value on cows than human beings.

Bishop David Abioye of the Living Faith Church, also known as Winners Chapel gave the warning while listing ways the country is being Islamized.

Bishop Abioye, in the fiery sermon, warned his congregation to be vigilant and careful, saying ‘the are penetrating everywhere’.

He warned them not to feel less concerned because the killers are yet to reach them.

In his words, “Those who’ll say, ‘well I’m from the East, it doesn’t concern me.’ Go to the East today, the core east; go to the Niger Delta, they are penetrating everywhere, everywhere, and therefore, we’ll not fold our hands and close our eyes.

“There’s nowhere in the core North where they give paper to build church. No. And you can verify that. But they are penetrating the East, asking your governors to give them lands with endorsement of change of ownership to build Mosques.

“We must wake up. We must wake up. 2019 must be deciding year for the church. We must wake up. We’ll not use our hands to vote for people who’ll kill us. We’ll not vote for people who have value for cows more than value for human lives. Wake up. A word is enough to the wise.”

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