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Daddy Freeze Movement: 3 Types of Christians, Check To See Which You Are

The tithe controversy that permeated the social media last year should make all believers pause and think about some iss

God bless Daddy Freeze, yes, you heard me right, God bless that man. I know some people will want to ask for my head right now, especially the pro tithe Christians. But before you either support or go against my ‘blessing declaration’ on Daddy Freeze, have you considered this man we cannot even call a Christian has exposed to us some types of Christians we have in church?

When the #freetheshepple movement started, most of us thought it was a joke. I, for example, thought it was a social media that would soon fade, but alas! I was wrong, I mean, so wrong because it actually went beyond a trend to a real movement.

Now to the reason prayed the Lord bless Daddy Freeze. I tried to follow the ‘movement’ with an open mind, I was not for tithe nor against it, I just wanted to glean from both sides and learn, and this one thing made me realized like in the days of Paul, we have different types of Christians in the church today.

1.. The Thessalonica Christians: in Acts 17: Paul and his companions stopped over in Thessalonica where there was a Jewish synagogue and for three Sabbaths, Paul went in to reason with them, opening the scripture. But what was there response to the message? ‘But other Jews were jealous; so they rounded up some bad characters from the marketplace, formed a mob and started a riot in the city. They rushed to Jason’s house in search of Paul and Silas in order to bring them out to the crowd’. The ones that were jealous heard Paul, they neither thought about the messages, neither did they studied to prove Paul wrong, they followed their evil impulse – ATTACK!

2. The Galatian Christians: Not much was said about the Galatia Christians, but from the letter of Paul to them, we can learn some few things about the way they ditched Paul, we can learn some one or two things from them. Paul had preached Christ to them, he made them realize they were saved by grace, not by work. Somehow, these Christians must have been moved by Paul’s analogy, the message of grace sounded good to them at that time, but then, Paul left them and here comes the ‘Super Apostles’. These super apostles told them they needed to be circumcised to have eternal life. What was their response? They went with the super-apostles whom Paul described as sweet talkers.

From loads of comments I have read online and some arguments I have listened to, I can say that most Christians fall within this category, this is the reason it is somehow easy for fake pastors to deceive us. The Galatians church listened to Paul, they took his message, accepted it even, but they lacked an in-depth understanding of it why? Check out the Berean Church.

3. The Berean Christians:Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true’ (Acts 17:11). This verse sums up the life of the Berean Christians. When Paul preached to them, they neither accepted his messages nor reject it, but they went home to search the scriptures themselves to see if all Paul taught were right.

These set of Christians were not impulsive like the Thessalonians, neither were they emotional like the Galatians, they studied to show themselves approved unto God. Men like this cannot be moved by every wind of doctrine. Most Christians are paying tithes because they believe they should, Malachi 3:10 has been an anthem during offering time in church since they were young. They neither ask for the reason for the verse nor compare it with other books of the scripture. so now that Daddy Freeze started the ‘tithe is not of the new testament trend’, they get emotional and move to his side while some are hating on their pastors for making them pay tithe all along. But it is so sad that even with this, they are yet to study the scriptures to see if what they are being told is true.

The most amazing set is the pro tithe group, just some of them by the way. Ask some why they believe they should pay tithe and you will hear sentiments like ‘God has been blessing me’, tithe is working for me’, ‘ i don’t want God to curse me’. Please, which of the aforementioned points is the GOSPEL? Why should we conclude on the matters of the scriptures on sentiments selfishness

What type of Christian are you? Are you the type that carries church doctrine on your head like gala? or the type that attacks the preacher out of spite and ignorance? or the type that hears the gospel and goes home to study the scripture and see if what was heard is true?

Paul did not condemn the Christians in Berea for cross-checking his facts, nope, the writer of the book of Acts called them ‘Honourable’, so if your Pastor is angry because you are cross-checking his teachings and asking questions, you should be careful for that is not the Spirit of Christ. Get up and get ‘worded’.

I don’t blame Daddy Freeze for the social media hullabaloo he is Causing, rather, I thank him for making some Christians ask some questions they ought to have asked a long time ago. Selah!

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