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Daugthers of The King Devotional

Do You Know That God Sings Over You? Click To Read More

Do You Know That God Sings Over You? Click To Read More - Believers Hub

Like a mother that receives you into her arms and sings over you, calming all your fears and comforting you, God sings over you.

He is a mother to the motherless. A father to the fatherless. A friend to the friendless. He comforts, gives hope, consoles and yes, He even sings.

Whenever you reach a point in life when you don’t feel at your best, listen for the song that rises up out of your spirit and onto your tongue. Don’t be surprised when the lyrics express exactly what you are feeling.

It’s God singing over you with His love.

Prayer: Father, just as mothers sing over their children, it’s a blessing knowing You sing over me. Thank you for how You express Your love towards me in this way. I receive Your comfort and love today. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Daughters Of The King Devotional

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