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Download Unconditional Love By Liberty Daniels (Plus Lyrics)

The song is as a result of God's love over his life, he can't stop praising because the major reason we are all alive is because of the Unconditional Love God have for us.

Liberty Daniels, the God Over Everything crooner is out with another hit track titled Unconditional Love, this new track is a must-listen-to jam that you don’t wanna miss.

The song is as a result of God’s love over his life, he can’t stop praising because the major reason we are all alive is because of the Unconditional Love God has for us. Find the download button and song lyrics below.
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Lyrics Of Unconditional Love By Liberty Daniels

Intro – The major reason we are still alive today is cus of the Unconditional Love God gat for us, that’s why he sent his only begotten Son to die on the Cross of Calvary; so that we can live in harmony.
Liberty Daniels
Let’s go.
The kind of love I get for this God no be small, cus he loved me since I was very small.
Took care of me from my day of birth and now I’m grown up he never seized the breath.
Na wetin I go give you my father lord?
Cus wetin I dey see na fatherly love, praise no go enough so I bring my heart to your presence you’re someone I can’t do without.
From ages to ages lord you’re still the same you never change even if the world is changed died on Calvary just to make a change and now I’m free just like the air I breathe.
Your love is enough for me I can’t ask for more, for what you’ve done for me is more than enough I praise you from my heart Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever you still the same.
You heal the sick, restored sight to the blind even to the dead you brought back to life.
Unconditional Love yeah! Is what I see when ever I call you will answer me.
You never let me down even when I’m dawn you lift me high up above the sky to your place where you live I will find my feet and always in my life lord you gat me fixed.
Odogwu na you be the one weh dey bless me; even if I’m down na you weh dey raise me up oh oh oh oh.
Odogwu na you be the one weh dey flex me; even when I’m broke na you weh dey bless my pocket oh.
Imarama (14*)
If I trace back from where you picked me, God e still dey do me like a mystery; this your love don teh omoh na history I still dey see am for my life like a story.
Lord you raised me higher, set my feet upon the rock… Yeah yeah yeah
What kind of love is this?
This love too sweet, I will praise you forever cus you’re my king I can’t trade you for less Lord you are too rich; richer than the whole word Lord you are mighty.
Odogwu na Aya  Odogwu na Aya
Eze ndi eze  Eze ndi eze
Ebube Dike Ebube Dike
There’s none like you ou ou.
(Chorus again)
Wavi boi.
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