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Elections May Not Hold In 2019 – Primate Theophilus Olabayo

Primate Olabayo, a church founder and well respected religious leader has said elections may not hold next year as expected.

Founder of The Evangelical Church of Yahweh and a prophetic voice in this nation, Primate Theophilus Olabayo has said Nigerians may be disappointed as the much anticipated general elections may not hold next year as planned.

The Primate said this during an interview he granted Church Times Nigeria at his Maryland, Lagos office recently.

Primate Theophilus also said God revealed it to him President Buhari is not the messiah that will take the country to its promise land, adding that the incumbent President has a short time to spend on the seat of power.

He however assured God will intervene in the affairs of Nigeria, adding that prayers are being made for the country.

Concerning the 2019 general elections, he said, He said, “Hmm, will this election really hold? Let us wait and see, there might not be an election next year, people are busy getting ready for the election. Politicians are equally warming up for the forthcoming election. But everything rests in the hands of God. The election that people are looking forward to, might not happen. There will be so much chaos and trouble in the country and God will take over the affairs of the nation by Himself.”

Speaking on the state of the church in Nigeria, Primate Theophilus Adebayo expressed his displeasure, he said: “corruption has taken over Christianity in Nigeria. The men of God in Nigeria have refused to speak the truth. We have so much insincerity and dishonesty in Christendom today. People are not saying the truth rather they are busy romancing the government. We see men of God going to Aso-Rock, when they get there, they don’t say the truth. They play with the government and say soothing things so that the government can give them money; they don’t know that they are doing this to the detriment of the entire Christians in Nigeria.

“That is why the government has suddenly lost respect and regard for Christianity in the country. Our men of God have sold their birth-rite for a plate of pounded yam. At the point in time, the former President, Olusegun Obasanjo said that Nigerian churches are corrupt. How could he have had the effrontery to say that if some men of God have not ridiculed themselves in his presence? Do you think that he doesn’t know what he was saying? Of course, he does. He was on the seat of power and he knew how many pastors and men of God he gave money.”

The aged Primate also talked about his call and ministry, he revealed God called him to set people free from satanic bondage.

“God called me to liberate the world, He called me to be His mouthpiece just like Jeremiah and Isaiah. He called me to work against forces of darkness and give hope to the hopeless. I am a mouthpiece of God. I have predicted all that is happening in Nigeria today 20 years ago. God showed me these perilous days will come in Nigeria, the killings and the unfair treatment of Christian in the country have been revealed to me a long time ago,” he said.

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