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Lifelong, Famous Atheist Bill Hayden Receives Jesus At 85

Bill Hayden vowed to vouch for God from now on

Australian famous atheist, Bill Hayden has recently converted to Christianity as he now claimed He strongly believes in the existence of God.

To confirm his new belief, Bill Hayden has taken steps to accept Jesus into his heart and has been baptized into the Catholic Church, according to an Australian report.

85 years old Hayden was an Australian Governor-General and an atheist all his life.

He was once appointed the Chief Scout of Australia in 1989, a position he willfully declined, saying the Scout Promise which says ‘do my best to do my duty to my God’ directly negated his beliefs.

His conversion began when he suffered a great stroke I 2014, a condition which sent him to the hospital. According to the Christian Post, this was the event that later convinced him that God indeed exists.

Bill Hayden said the stroke made it clear to him that God indeed exists and there ‘is more to this life than just me’.

He has, therefore, he has dedicated his life fully to serving God and doing good to others.

He also said he had witnessed several selfless acts of compassion by Christians and this, coupled with the stroke led to his decision to accept Jesus.

Hayden was baptised at the St. Mary’s Church on the 9th of September.

While reiterating his devotion to God, he said, “This took too long, and now I am going to be devoted. From this day forward, I’m going to vouch for God.”

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