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New Song: Download God Over Everything by Liberty Daniels

It speaks about love for God which stem from His own deep love for us. God over everything by Liberty Daniels is a deep song you need to get on your playlist.

Liberty Daniels is a gospel rap & afro-pop artist. He loves making good and soul-enriching music.

He’s out with his latest single titled; “God Over Everything”. God over everything is a song that talks about the sovereignty of God. It speaks about love for God which stem from His own deep love for us.
God over everything by Liberty Daniels is a deep song you need to get on your playlist.
Download and find the lyrics below

Lyrics of God Over Everything by Liberty Daniels

Its God over everything in our lives; God is greater than all we can think and Imagine. Without God nothing was formed that was formed, he’s the ruler of everything and the pillar of every life.
Liberty Daniels.
I’m back again with the goodnews to share with everybody here, its God over everything, everything we think or hear. There’s none like him, he’s the king of kings, the lion of judea; he saved my life,  gave me joy and peace of mind in here.
Yea… I was born for this, and I’m gonna live my life for these, its Christ in here no apologies, if its not from him, then is not for me, for the love and care he had for me, he died on the cross of calvary, that I may live for eternity and sing praises before the king.
What kind of love is this? Love that remains when you fall asleep, love that gives you the breath of life, the money, the shelter and the bread you eat. Yea agape love indeed,  supernatural grace is what he gives, seek him first; then all of these, you’ve got to enjoy all your days.
Jesus is for everyone, God is for everybody, lord over life, you are king your kingdom ever reigns, lord of my family in you I get my fantasy, having you is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me… Yea! got so much joy in me, Christ made my life so free, joy overflow like a river running out the stream, I live my life for you, let the word to the street, God over everything, say ye no to defeat.


He’s the way, the truth, and life, I’m gonna love him till the end; my strength in whom I trust, he’s the lord that never fails.
He’s the way, the truth and life, I’m gonna love him till the end, through him the world is saved… I’m gonna love him till the end.
Loving him till the end, is my priority, he first loved me, he chose me, he’s my ability, my life is channelled to the circle of his sanctity, I’m his own beloveth and he’s my everything.
Odogwu na aya eze ndi eze thats what they call him, and even with all these names, he’s still the greatest, okaka na dihi agbawe that is how I know him, yesterday, today, forever, he never changes; YEA
He spoke the word, it came to life and dwelt with them who spread the light, his word is life, come have a taste, and you will be free from all disease, nothing is impossible unto him, what he says to one, he says to all his love is priceless and gift to all, He’s promised everlasting, never end, He will give joy, give you peace and the mind for free, He never takes permission before doing He’s things…Relax your mind, come with your load, heavy burden to him, He will give you rest, trust me, ask anything in His name. Igbos ekwu eme that the talk and do, He never talks without doing like the cock and bulls, He’s the way in and way out there’s no other room, He’s love is everywhere even in your inner room.
I’m gonna love him, I’m gonna love him, I’m gonna love him.
God over everything.

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