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I will pick up from yesterday’s study, where we looked at another of the components of a worship which is being bound by the laws of God. The law that binds you shows who you worship. If you see idol worshippers (of different gods), their regalia (colour and pattern) will show which god they worship.They are bounded by an oath and by the laws of the gods they worship.

What laws bind you?That is how we know who you serve. If you see a Christian that is an “anything goes” Christian, run away from such person. He doesn’t serve God and Jesus is not his Lord. When God declares a fast, it may not be convenient; laws are not convenient! When I was in high school, we had rules not to cross the lawn.

It was not convenient, and most times people dashed through the lawns, even though the law bound them; but a faithful student of the school will take the longer route and not face suspension. When your life worships God and you stand to sing in worship, there is a pull on the heart of God in your direction. Once the father’s heart is pulled in your direction, it is always for favour.

In my life, there are things I have seen that I never prayed for or looked for. These are the same things that people are looking for at all cost; I got them on a platter of gold because my life worships Him. When your life worships God, He will beam His face and bring His glory upon you. He will surprise you and bring whatever you need to your doorstep.Lord, cause my life to bring honour to you.

I receive grace to stay within the confines of your laws in Jesus’ name. Amen!PSALM 1:1-6, JOSHUA 1:8Culled from Spirit Meat Devotional

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