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Are You Going Through Difficult Times? Then Read This

John Paton was a missionary in the New Hebrides Islands. One night, hostile natives surrounded his house, threatening to burn it down with the people inside. In that terror-filled hour, Paton and his wife prayed that God would deliver them. They didn’t know what happened, but they saw their attackers leave. A year later, the chief of the tribe was converted to Christ. Seizing the opportunity, Paton asked the chief what happened that night. The chief replied in surprise, “Who were all those men with you there?” The chief said they were afraid to attack because they had seen hundreds of big men in shining garments with drawn swords circling the building.

This psalm gives us a glimpse of the Israelites’ harrowing life experience. Hungry and thirsty, they wandered in the wilderness, with their soul fainting in them. In their troubles, they cried to the Lord, who delivered them and led them to their place of habitation. God daily delivers us from our troubles. He fights for us day and night, battles seen and unseen. Many times, we ignore the daily blessings He gives us and focus on those things He is yet to do. When we reflect on His goodness and the great deliverance He has wrought on our behalf, which no human can do, we, like the psalmist, will give thanks to Him for He is good and His mercy endures forever.

*Birthday Blessing:* “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death…”. Revelation 21:4.

*RBT Passage:* Exodus 26; John 5; Proverbs 2; Galatians 1.

“Before you ever get a problem, God has already got your deliverance planned”. –Joyce Meyer

Seek Daily (NBC) – Thursday, March 15

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