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How Strong Atheist Leader, Steve Tillman Found Jesus

SteveTilman became serious with God when he was 15, but an event reshaped his mind and he became a strong atheist. Read the story of how he found Jesus

In his own estimation, he was not a top-notch atheist, he rated himself a mid-level atheist, but in reality, considering his works and activities aimed at proving wrong the existence of God, Steve Tillman was way more than a mid-level atheist.

To promote his atheistic views, he started some couple of websites which are now defunct as he is now a born-again Christian. Aside from this, Steve also helped start Atheist Analysis.

Most of his works were mainly on the social media where he repeatedly bashed Christianity and other religions.

In a video on youtube where Steve shared his journey back to Christ, he revealed he was born in a semi-religious home but he became more serious with church activities after he came across a Christian group when he was 15.

Read his testimony below:

There’s no way. No way, you know, a God can exist that allows this kind of stuff to happen. If He does He is obviously not as powerful and everyone says He is… I rebelled against God. Hardcore rebellion against God.”

Disillusioned he left the Church, tried some other religions including voodoo, but eventually chose atheism. At that point, he began to organize and work fervently to convince people there is no God.

Looking back, Steve says he now realizes he was just livid at God. Though he was promoting his atheistic views through several avenues, inside he was struggling. God was not done with him yet.

One day in frustration, he prayed and asked God for a sign and he received an “eye-opening” vision or dream.

In the interview with the Indy Star, Steve said:

“I woke up with just this really weird feeling of love and forgiveness, talked to my wife about it and prayed and things just kind of came into perspective.”

“I became a born-again Christian, again.” He says through his Atheism he still inside believed, but was overwhelmed with his anger and rebellion.

He realized that God still loved him and that “I gave up on Someone Who never gave up on me.”

After reading the article, AFA spokesman Walker Wildmon tracked down Steve and after a series of texts confirmed that Tillman had genuinely converted.

Steve told Wildmon that there has been a complete turnaround. Once he promoted atheism, but today Steve says:

“The strangest part is this calling I feel to spread the Word of God like the pulpit has a huge magnet pulling me in.”

My name is Steve Tillman, an ex-atheist who did everything to suppress the idea of God but God wasn’t done with me yet. Today I am a born-again Christian.

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