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I Carry a Lot of Nigeria’s Secret Which May Follow Me To The Grave- Apostle Nuhu Kure

Apostle Nuhu Kure has been close to many Nigeria leaders in the past, but, he said he is not willing to reveal secrets he knows except if God directs him to

General Overseer of Throne Room Ministry based in Kafancha and National Secretary of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Apostle Nuhu Kure has revealed he is carrying lots of Nigeria secrets, secrets he may carry to his grave except the Lord permits him to share them with the public.

The Apostle said this during an interview he had with Dove Media, the official television of the Redeemed Christian Church of God recently.

Apostle Nuhu Kure said although he related with many past leaders, including The late Head of State, General Sanni Abacha, and President Musa Yar’adua, he said God has not given him the go-ahead to make some things he knew public.

He also denied rumours making the round that he had used his closeness with former President and Heads of State to enrich his pocket, to this he said, “The fact that I was close to the presidents of Nigeria does not mean that I should take advantage of the closeness and make public comments. God has not permitted me to do that. I will also like to say that my closeness with them has not in any way enriched me. I do not get involved in distributing money or collecting money from them”.

He was among the four religious leaders that were with Late President Yar’adua during his last days. Others were Archbishop John Onayekan, Prof Obaje, and Bishop David Oyedepo.

Speaking on the events of the last days of President Yar’adua, he said, “None of the four of us who were with the late president Yardua had opened our mouths carelessly in the public to make comments. That is responsibility. If Bishop Oyedepo, for instance, opens his mouth to talk this nation will stand still. Any man of God who takes advantage of his closeness to power to make careless statements will not be helping the cause of his ministry”.

Apostle Nuhu Kure said he doesn’t go out of his way to see these leaders, rather, they sought him out personally. “Usually I do not go looking for them. They come to ask for me and sometimes come to meet me in Kafancha. When they can’t come they invite me to come and see them and I oblige. Usually, their invitations were usually prompted by a need for counsel and the need for divine direction. And I can tell you I have not failed to deliver the mind of God even when it did not go down well with them.”

Recalling his relationship with former President Goodluck Jonathan, he said he was quite frank with the former president and was always telling him the truth. Speaking further, he recounted there was a time the ex-president asked him to pray and he refused. President Jonathan, however, did not cut him off despite his bluntness.

“There is no truth we did not tell Jonathan. We can only be oracles of God and we can’t force the message. There was a time I was with President Jonathan. He actually asked for prayers but I told him I was not going to pray. I refused to pray with him because I did not feel led. But he was not offended. Ordinarily, he should have cut me off long ago. But he still had cause to tolerate me despite the fact that I was quite frank with him,” he said.

He, however, revealed he has no close relationship with President Buhari and his vice president, Prof Yemi Osibajo despite the fate that he is on the same board of directors of Redeemer’s University with the former.

He expressed confidence in the future of Nigeria although he faulted the way the country was formed by the British Colonial Government.

He was however quick to express hope, adding that God is using Nigeria as a symbol of hope for the entire black race.

“Though the marriage of Nigeria was faulty, God is using Nigeria for the purpose of making the black race fulfill purpose. “The way the colonial masters put us together is not right. There was no basis for our being lumped together to form Nigeria. But since they have made that error, God has decided to use it for the purpose of making Nigeria like an umbrella for Africa. Nigeria is the hope of the black race,” he said.

The widely traveled Apostle who also operates in the prophetic identify ‘cares of life’ as the major problem facing the Church in Nigeria.

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