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Joshua Mike-Bamiloye Reveals How He Started His Music Career

According to him, although he had always been creative, his journey into professional music started when he did the soundtrack for blood on the alter, a movie released by Mount Zion

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye, Second son of Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, the founder and President of Mount Zion Faith Ministry has revealed the genesis of his journey into the music industry.

JayMikee as he is fondly called attended Bowen University where he bagged a degree in Mass Communication.

Speaking on Beyond Entertainment With PVO, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye described himself as a very artistic person.

According to him, although he had always been creative, his journey into professional music started when he did the soundtrack for blood on the alter, a movie released by Mount Zion.  Read more below.

About Joshua Mike-Bamiloye

I’m a movie editor, video editor, background music and sound effect producer. I’m a very artistic person, I love art, I love creativity, I’m outspoken when I want to be. I love new things experimenting with new things. I’m the director of mount zion music studios. I like watching movies because it helps me to grow especially movies that are higher in technological status, it helps me get new ideas and see where the world is. I love technology I love innovations, I love seeing new things being invented and rediscovered and I enjoy staying indoors than going out cos it gives me enough time to develop myself. I love silence and I also love music.

How Jay and Josh Series Started

Jay and Josh started about four years ago after the mini-me series inspiration was coming to an end the idea of Jay and josh came. I saw a video online about someone having multiple characters and it was really nice but there was no message there and it kind of provoked me that we could do something like this that could also attract people to hear a message and also be blessed by them and at that time the software that could make it easier was just released so I was fortunate to lay my hands on it. When I did jay and josh I had no focus on children but as it turned out I have more children fans than adult fans. So I hear people say my children watch your series and I’m like so it’s appealing to children more than adults, and which to me is a very good thing you know like catching them young instilling the message in them as they grow is a beautiful thing so I’m glad that it reached out to adult and children.

Jay and josh started a few years ago and right now we’ve done about 30 episodes and God has been helping and inspiring a few of our brothers like Tobi Olumuyiwa helping us in handling the camera, at first it was very difficult because I had to place the camera myself and you know Damilola Mike Bamiloye is a very busy man so I couldn’t just be calling him and be saying record me I want to wear a cap and be doing one weird stuff so it was hard at first, setting up the camera, changing, dressing, acting the other person, changing camera angle it was tough but now its getting easier.

Most Challenging Movie

The most challenging movie I’ve worked on is The Train because it was almost three hours long. Land of fury is another very important production that I’ll never forget in my life because it was the first time going to Kebbi, first time collaborating with NCCF, and it was also the first time we’ll be shooting something action like. Before land of fury came I’ve been yearning for us to do an action film so when land of fury came I was so excited. Before we went on location we had to sit down and write all the shots to be taken.

For the sound of the gunshots, there was this film we had watched we got the inspiration from that movie its titled beast of no nation, so I took parts of the gunshots of a beast of no nation. There was also another US movie, in fact before editing land of fury I don’t know how God led me to watch these movies. You know it’s challenging getting several gunshot sounds but in this film the scene where there was street gunfight I was just privileged that the editor didn’t put any sound effect there just gunshots.

Why Gospel Music and Movie?

If I’m going to devote my life into a thing and all you gathered there was you laughed and that was all you got from it them I’ve wasted my time. I was born into a Christian home but then I’m not just in it because I was born into it I’ve seen the effect. I’ve seen the long term effect, so if I’m going to spend hours upon hours producing a song or doing a skit it is not just to entertain or for you to hear something nice, that’s short term effect I’ve wasted my time. But then when I do it and it changes a part of your life I’ve not wasted my time. And if you look at our ministry I’ve seen people talk about things that were done decades ago and people say they watched our films and it changed their lives. Some people say God used our films to change their marriage and if u look at it these movies were done maybe in a year but it had a lifetime effect. So if you ask me why gospel its because I can’t waste my time

The second reason is God gave me a gift I’m sure this gift didn’t come to me by my hard work or the school that I went God gave me these gifts so if he has given me the gift I’m supposed to use it for his kingdom.

The Genesis of the Musical Career

My musical journey started in primary 3 that was when I got introduced to music properly I was introduced to a man the music teacher of my school also ran a music lesson outside the school and I noticed two of my friends went there so I wanted to be part of them. I found myself easily learning the recorder at that time so I decided to join the music lesson so that took me there, and that’s how I got started so I started playing musical notes drums but at primary 5 I had to stop because I had to focus on common entrance and so the self-development started from there God started building it from there.

In JSS 3 my journey into sound for movies started and it started from stage drama, when I was in jss 3 Dammy was in SS1 and he was the head of the drama unit so whenever they wanted to present drama I do come to school with my keyboard and while the drama was going on I had the idea of the kinds of sounds to be playing. by JSS 3 my journey into music for film started with blood on the alter and it all started with the same keyboard. I was playing keyboard with Stephen Bamidele and my cousin Seyi Obembe

So we played one sequence sound for dad and dad said it was very nice and then he said OK do one for blood on the altar and I was like how do I go about this now? So daddy gave us a sound as an example of what he wanted so we did it and recorded it, we connected the keyboard to a VHS or so I can’t really recall and that was how it started

In 2001 I got introduced to using a computer connected to a keyboard and at my 300 level in the university, I started voicing using just chants then I didn’t use to sing just chants and sounds, so my voice was used like an instrument so you’ll be hearing all sorts of funny sounds in the movies, then by 400 level songs started. The theme song for sunset at midday was done when I was in 300level

Source: Beyond Entertainment Show with PVO

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