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Joshua Mike-Bamiloye Warns Christians About Lucifer Movie

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye Warns Christians About Lucifer Movie

Gospel film actor and singer, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye also known as JayMike has appealed to Christians to be mindful of the popular television series lucifer-he has risen.

According to Joshua, such a movie may lure Christians into loving Lucifer.

He said, “There’s a show called Lucifer
Azin the devil Oh lol
And you knowing how captivating foreign series can be
You still watch
Now you love the character Lucifer
Like Jack Bauer
And somehow you think the devil is not winning your soul over?

Still on the issue, JayMike made another post after some of his followers commented the movie is not that deep and it is not capable of luring Christians away.

Joshua opined that we must not underestimate the power of what we watch as they go into our subconscious mind. He said:

“From what I read, This show has a way of making people see the devil as “a misunderstood person.” I’m putting it out there so we aren’t deceived by our friends and colleagues into watching it. There are other series that are as bad but disguised. I got some replies from some Christians saying “it’s not that deep”. We have completely underestimated the power of audiovisuals. Messages, thoughts, ideas, and mindsets passed into our subconscious WITHOUT permission. The Devil could be anything, but he’s very smart, crafty and cunning. MIND WHAT YOU WATCH 📺”

What do you think about the issue? Do you think believers should stay away from such movie? Drop a comment below to share your thought.

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