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Movie: Important Lesson Christian Singles Must Learn From ‘The Husband of My Wife’

“The prayer of the righteous availeth much”… This was so true in the story of Wale, a young man seriously engaged to Andrella, the only daughter, and child of a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria in a movie titled ‘The Husband of My Wife’ produced by Parables Film Production,  movie that teaches Christian singles important lessons they must learn before making a marital choice.

Wale (Omooba Oluwasegun) had made up his mind to marry his lover Andrella (Lakunmi Rachel), not just that, plans were in top gear with the parents of the bride going all out to organize a high society wedding for their only child, in fact, the governor of the state had confirmed he would be attending the event with his first lady.

Wale expressed his discomfort about the wedding to his parents, citing various dreams and revelations he had about Andella as the reason, but his parents won’t have any of his silly excuses, the wedding must go on and that is the final. Wale ran back to his pastor (Afolabi Adedeji) who advised him to go on a seven-day fasting and prayers concerning the issue, though it was just a few days to the wedding, Wale agreed and started the fast the next day.

This was the beginning of the end of Andella’s deceit and lies as things began to happen to confirm all the revelations Wale had about his fiancée in the past. If you don’t believe in the power of prayer, especially in the issue of relationships and marriage, then you need to see this The Husband of My Wife, but with an open heart to learn and believe.

The more Wale prayed and progressed in the Spirit, the more the Lord brought the truth to bare. From this movie, we can learn that although nothing is a secret to God and He is the All-Knowing God, He most times reveal secrets things to those who earnestly seek Him. Andella had fooled Wale successfully, but the light came when the Lord was invited to intervene.

‘The husband of my wife’ also taught Christian Singles they can’t figure people out with just the intellects and only the Lord can reveal deep and hidden things. Therefore it is a challenge for Christian singles to pray hard and trust in God to help them ‘see’ and ‘know’ when choosing who to spend forever with.

Another thing to note is the attitude of Wale to the whole thing. one may want to ask if he loved the fiancee in the first place, the reason is, lots of Christian singles have problems taking such steps when the emotion is involved. Many are divinely convinced the person they are in a relationship with is not God’s best for their life, but they are too tied down emotionally to let go.

Lakunmi Rachel has proven to be a force to be reckoned with on the gospel movie scene and her delivery in The Husband of My Wife is not a disappointment. We hope to see more from the radio presenter/actress.

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