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Learn How To Shine And Be A Positive Influence

Learn How To Shine Light And Be A Positive Influence - Believers Hub

While in prayer one day, I saw a widening light. If you were to shine a light on a wall and slowly back away from it, you’ll find the light widens. The circle widens. I believe the more we back away from this world’s way of doing things and begin doing things God’s way, the wider our influence will be.

God wants to widen your sphere of influence. He wants to accomplish in you the same thing He plans to accomplish in others. You must first let Him work in you. Let Him free you, stretch you, help you overcome and grow you. Let Him demolish what’s not like Him and build what is His character and nature. As you allow His work in you, people will see what the Lord can do in the life of someone who is totally submitted to Him.

Let God do the hard work in you and set you free. That’s what a true leader does. They step out of the boat while others watch on. They take the leap and watch God create the wings they need to fly.

Prayer: Father God, thank you for speaking directly to my heart. Let the work begin in me. I want you to change my family, so I pray you change me first. Help me to step out of the boat so they’ll see that you didn’t let me drown. Help me take the leap so they’ll see that you didn’t let me fall. Widen my sphere of influence. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Daughters of The King Devotional 

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