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Man Arrested For Stealing Phones During Prayer In Church

It was reported that the incident happened on Sunday at Excess Power of God Church located at Ipaja area of Lagos.

A man identified as Mr. James Adida, has been reportedly arrested after he went to a popular church and stole phones while the congregation closed their eyes during a prayer session.

P.M.EXPRESS reported that the incident happened on Sunday at Excess Power of God Church located at Ipaja area of Lagos.

One of the victims, Chinasa Akanazu, went to the church for service with her two phones and kept them inside her bag by her side during the service.

The suspect, Adida, was also in the church, pretended to have come for service and sat beside Chinasa during the service even though he had another motive for being in the church that day.

When it was time for prayers, it was gathered the presiding Pastor directed the congregation to close their eyes and go deep in prayer over their problems.

Both the victim and the suspect Chinasa and Adida closed their eyes as directed by the pastor. However, in the middle of the prayer, Adida opened his eyes while Chinasa was still praying with her eyes closed. He opened her bag, stole her two android phones and escaped from the church.

When Chinasa eventually opened her bag, she did not see her phones and she raised an alarm which made the church security to go after Adida who had almost escaped from the church premises and they recovered the phones. He was then handed over to the police for his conduct in the church.

P.M.EXPRESS scooped that at the Police station, Adida confessed that he did not go to the church for prayers but was there to steal phones and sell them in order to raise some money to solve his personal problems.

He was later charged before the Ogba Magistrates court for stealing in the place of worship and remanded in prison custody at Kirikiri, Lagos.

It gathered that the incident shocked the members of the church as they no longer close their eyes completely during prayer sessions.

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Source PM News

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