Man Walked into an Anglican Church to Steal Bag During Service (See Video)

Man Walked into an Anglican Church to Steal Bag During Service (See Video)

A couple of weeks ago, I was in church and while the worship session got intense, I thought it would be wise to take my handbag from the chair and place it at my feet.

At first, it felt a little awkward; we are in church for Christ’s sake, in a gathering of believers. I saw the thought was distracting me so I decided to just put the bag by my feet so I could concentrate better.

But after seeing this bag thief at All Saints Anglican Church, Ketu, Lagos, I am more convinced we need to be careful and take precautions even though we are in church.

See the way he strutted in like he was a genuine a part of the gathering. I wonder what the owner of the bag must have thought after discovering it went missing. ‘I put it there, no, it’s here. Of did I leave it in the car? No, I used it during the service”. It is crazy, right?

We don’t know if the thief has been caught as at the time of reporting this, but then, we can see the importance of installing CCTV cameras at worship centers. It may seem odd and awkward but we have heard, read and seen kidnapping incidence happening during Sunday services.

The criminals may not be believers but the victims are usually the church members, hence, the need for churches to take the issue of security more seriously. Watch video below

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