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Man Washes Face and Feet on Church Members To Pray For Them (Video)

Lots of Christian just go to church, they don't know God or have a relationship with him. Some don't even think it is possible. 

There are many verses in the bible that warn believers about the dangers of false teachers and prophets but it is sad that many believers are ignorant today mostly because so-called believers are too lazy to read the bible and learn the truth on their own.

Jesus Christ, during the last supper, washed his disciples’ feet and charged them to do the same. He taught we as believers have been called to serve and not to Lord it over anyone.

But it is so sad that today, people worship mere men, especially those who come in the name of the Lord.

We’ve seen some so-called pastors walking on the backs of members, some collecting their properties under the guise of prophecies. Just when we thought we might have seen it all, a so-called pastor was seen washing his face and feet on people in the name of prayers in a video that went viral.

Is this scriptural? definitely no. So why will people subject themselves to that? ‘My people perish because they lack knowledge’.

Lots of Christian just go to church, they don’t know God or have a relationship with him. Some don’t even think it is possible.

Dear believer, if you don’t want to become a victim, move closer to God. Study the scripture, be a Berean Christian and know the truth for yourself. Once you see practices that are not in line with the bible, move away or you will be swept away.

Watch the video below.


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