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Meaning of Soul Ties and How To Break Them

Sex connects you to a person and causes you to bond in a way that is not easily broken... That connection is called soul ties - the Bonding of souls. Sex is soulish. I have struggled with soul ties myself.

Written By Charles Awuzie

Soul ties are real… But they are not demonic. You don’t need to be delivered from your own emotions. Sex is a powerful glue… Once you glue yourself to another person sexually, it becomes difficult to separate from that person… It’s not demonic, it only means that you are not a prostitute – you are a lover.

Sex connects you to a person and causes you to bond in a way that is not easily broken… That connection is called soul ties – the Bonding of souls. Sex is soulish. I have struggled with soul ties myself. It’s not an easy battle. But remember that it’s not spiritual so you don’t need deliverance. I will tell you how I dealt with soul ties…

I had approached several senior men of God to help me but they ended up condemning me and I realized that I was giving in to guilt. It was at that point that I spent more time in worship, prayers, and meditation. That was the beginning of my solution. I realized that each time I spent time in spiritual activity, I regained some level of control over my mind. I felt freer. So I spent more time in the spirit.

The girl I had soul ties with was very beautiful and possessive. (Hey, hope you know that I didn’t marry as a virgin… I was already spoilt by the time I found Zee ). She would call me after 8 months and I would fall back into the pit of soul ties. We were now separated by distance so sex was practically impossible. But I still felt a deep connection between me and her. So I had to block her on social media and blacklisted her number. When she tried to call me with a new number, I summoned courage and told her that I was officially breaking any soul ties with her. She kept quite over the phone and I felt I should tell her about my soul tie struggles. She confessed that she was also struggling with the same thing. I told her that I was breaking that connection in the name of Jesus. She said amen and said, Goodbye Charles.

That was the end. I felt so free and still free. No, all night prayers to break soul ties. No special deliverance. Just COURAGE AND GRACE, PRAYERS AND DETERMINATION.

Have you had a sexual relationship with someone and you are struggling to get over them even after they hurt you deeply? Maybe your spouse died and you still see yourself having sex with them in your mind or dream. Deliverance won’t break that connection. Its soulish, not spiritual. You must start speaking the right words to your subconscious. Say words like “I destroy any link between me and……… (mention their name)….. I consciously remove…………. (name)……. from my subconscious mind….. I speak my freedom from……………(name)…….I refuse to be bound by the chains of sex… I refuse to live in the past….. I have nothing good in my past… I am stepping into my future with a new mind, a new life… In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Feel free to write these words down and place them on your bedside. Repeat it at least 9 times in a day until it registers in your mind.

Jumping from one prophet to another for this case will drain you more and you will end up been told that you have strange demons which you don’t have… Or they will tell you that your ex-partner bewitched you which is not always true. SEX ITSELF IS POWERFUL ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU FEEL BEWITCHED. Especially, when you had that sex with someone you lavishly loved.
Deal with it by yourself until you get freedom from that soul tie.
My name is Charles Awuzie and I am your partner in this journey of freedom.

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