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Mike Bamiloye Releases Powerful Prophetic Words

Mike Bamiloye called on the youth to be humble, avoid sexual immoralities and be humble so they will be able to fulfill the mandate of God for their lives. 

President and founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has released some powerful prophetic utterances at the beginning of the new year.

Unlike some other prophecies which talk about people and event that are expected to happen in the new year, Mike Bamiloye’s Prophetic utterances were aimed at charging believers, especially the youth to be ready and prepared for the mighty things God is set to do.

Mike Bamiloye called on the youth to be humble, avoid sexual immoralities and be humble so they will be able to fulfill the mandate of God for their lives.

See his Prophetic note below:

Hear me, I have Fathers in Ministry,
And I am a Father in Ministry to Many.
Hear me, People.
There is a Pride of Lions,
A Swarm of Bees,
An Army of Spiritual Foot Soldiers,
A Spiritually Angry and hungry Youths,
Coming behind Us,
Carrying the Fire that is bigger than the Ones we carried.
Highly Intelligent.
Many of them Have kept themselves like Joseph.
Many of them are highly schooled and fearless like Daniel.
Many of them are like Solomon,
Products of Immoral and UnGodly Backgrounds,
But had obtained Mercy and abundant Grace.
Many of them are like Jephthar,
A vagabond and wanderer coming back home,
And had obtained Favor and Power from Heaven
To Lead Battles and win wars!

They are coming behind us!
They are Youths and Young, but Strong!
They Tongue and Communicate with Heavens.
They are never afraid of Fasting and
Waiting long in the place of Prayers.
They have been Graced and Favored to do so.

They carry the Fire that is bigger than the ones we carry.
They are being raised by God to touch
Their peers, their colleagues, their mates;
Those their fathers are too Old Schooled to touch.
They shall speak their languages.
They shall speak in Chaldean Language.
They shall speak in Median and Persian languages.
They shall sing strange Heavenly songs.
Their spiritual Chanting will command devils’ attention!
They shall speak the Word and Dissect its meanings!

They shall pull down Heaven to earth.
They shall make the Heaven kiss the Earth
In the heart of the Youths.
The Youths shall listen to them.
The Youths shall obey their Voice.
The Lord shall give them the hearts
Of their Peers and Friends.

They are Fulfillment of the Joel 2:28 Prophesy.
They shall see visions.
They shall prophesy.
They shall speak with new languages.
They shall speak the mind of God.
They are Answers to the Agelong Prayers.
They are reserved for the time and
They are reset for this Purpose.

They shall Manifest in different formats.
They shall appear on different Platforms.
The Lord shall reveal them from various Gifts and Calling.
They shall appear in Music.
They shall appear in Drama.
They shall appear in Teaching.
They shall appear in Pastoring.
They shall appear in Administrations and Leadership.
The power of God shall overshadow them.

But let them listen and lend me their hears!
Because God Resist the Proud,
but gives Grace to the Humble.
God looks at the Pride afar off.
They should never fall into the trap of Youth Praise Singers!
They should never allow their Youth followers
To push them into Arrogance, and Disrespect to the Fathers.
Was it not these Fathers that prayed you all into reality?

It will drain the Anointing
And turn the Calling into Empty Shells.
Desire for Wealth will make them
Turn Stones to Bread At the Devil’s Command.
For those who bear the Vessels of the Lord
Must depart from Iniquities and be Holy.
Sin drains the OIL.
Immorality stains the Garment
And makes the Power leaks.
It makes One to lose the Divine Favor and Backing.

Are they all Listening to me?
Can Somebody send them this Message?
Does anyone know any of these Young Soldiers
And help them with this Word from God?
These Vibrant Youths that are receiving
The Batons of Continuity From their Fathers,
Are they listening to Me?

Is Joshua Selman listening?
Is Lawrence Oyor and PK Daniel Listening?
Is Gabriel Clement and Femi Lazarus Listening?
Is Iyke Oriaku and Caleb Dada Listening?
Is Suleman Lawal and Kenny Omole Hearing?
Is Michael Orokpo and Theophilus Sunday Listening?
Is Steve Crown Listening?
Is JudiKay and Mercy Chinwo Listening?

I don’t know many of them.
But let the ones I know inform the Ones I don’t know.
There are many of them in Music now.
There are many of them in Drama now.
There are many of them coming up in Film Productions now.
Spoken Word Artistes that arrest the Stage
And Spellbound the Audience in the Name of the Lord.
There are many of them in Teaching ministry now.
Let the Ones I know tell the Ones I don’t know!
That, the Destinies of Millions of Youths is seeking to
Receive from the Elishas who had received from Elijahs.
They are Coming!

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