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Movie Review: Land of Fury Mount Zion’s Message To The Nation

The Land of Fury was shot in the Northern part of Nigeria. The movie was written and directed by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye and produced by Darasimi Mike-Bamiloye.

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Some days ago, I was alone and I heard a sound from afar, it was more like a blast. I got nervous and panicky for a few seconds then it occurred to me the blast must be from a knock-out or a bus passing. Still, where I was, it dawned on me that some places in Nigeria and Africa, my few minutes panic is like a lifestyle to them. Some leave home without an assurance they will be coming back…This insecurity situation is what The Land of Fury, a Mount Zion Film Production is all about.

The Land of Fury was shot in the Northern part of Nigeria. The movie was written and directed by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye and produced by Darasimi Mike-Bamiloye.

The movie brought some unfortunate incidences in the northern part of the country closer to the people that have never been to the country. Watching this movie, two spectacular kidnap cases in the North came to mind, only that the power of God came to play in The Land of Fury.

There are loads of lessons to learn from this movie, especially the believers in Christ Jesus. A governor was seen going to God to commit the Land to the hands of God, Nigeria may be a secular state, but we have Christians at the helm of affairs, watching these movies, one will begin to wonder how things will be if the leaders are not just focused on the bureaucracy alone, if they, like the governor in the movie humble themselves and go to God.

Not just the leaders. Parents were seen crying to the principal of the school to produce their kids, but it did not end there, they, like the governor, did not relegate the place of prayer to the background. They were also seen gathering together to pray, especially when the rescue operation was on.

We may think we are fighting people with guns and ammunition, but The Land of Fury shows the war is deeper, indeed, we wrestle not against flesh and blood.

A verse of the scripture in John 14, ‘In my Father’s house there are many, mansions’ saved a secondary school teacher from being killed. Of course, we may say it is just a movie but can we deny the power of God’s Word? Or has God not used his Word to bring about deliverance in the past? It should spur us to have the Word embedded in us.

Land of Fury is a well-presented movie that can stand shoulder to shoulder with any movie today. It can be best describes as intriguing.

There was however a noticeable blunder in the movie. First, the office of the governor of a state was almost the same standard with that of a secondary school principal, a larger office with the picture of the President of Nigeria would have been more convincing.

Secondly, it is common to see people being shot in without wound or blood and it occurred in this movie too, the most obvious was when David was shot and killed. He was wearing a white singlet and there was neither a gunshot wound nor a blood stain on his white singlet. Even after he was resurrected by the angel that appeared to him, there was no sign of blood at all.

However, some other gunshot scenes were near perfect, if not perfect. The blood splash when the General was shot the first time, the second shot on the head, and the blood on Mario’s hand When David was leaving were all great scenes.

More importantly, Land of Fury by Mount Zion and Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF) taught us we need God to defeat the insurgency in the North. Believers Arise!

Watch the movie below


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