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Nigerian Prophet, Wife Face Jail For Raping 6 Church Members in London

According to a confession recorded by a family of one of the victims, Oluronbi described himself as an animal while he blamed the devil for his crimes.

An evangelical pastor of Nigerian origin but based in England is currently facing jail term for using his trusted position to abuse children and adults over the period of 20 years.

The clergy is being prosecuted alongside his wife who was accused of aiding the crimes.

The clergy who is known as prophet Oluronbi Micheal was found guilty of sexually abusing six women and a man, 5 of whom are his church members.

According to a confession recorded by a family of one of the victims, Oluronbi described himself as an animal while he blamed the devil for his crimes.

Reports from dailymail.co.uk revealed he carried out his series of abuse after convincing his victims to ta part in a spiritual bathing which he promised would cleanse them from evil spirits.

During his prosecution, it was revealed some of his young victims got pregnant multiple times but were taken for abortion.

Julian, his 60-year-old wife was accused of abetting rape and helping him arrange the series of abortions.

The secret it Oluronbi’s orgy was revealed after one of his victims who is now an adult came out to accuse him.

Jurors heard that Oluronbi was linked to a Christian church in Edgbaston, Birmingham – the Cherubim and Seraphim Church – whose roots were in Nigeria.

He set up on his own splinter group for about 40 adults and children – separate to the church and located at another address – where he began a practice of ‘spiritual bathing’.

The offences took place in Birmingham and London.

Phil Bradley QC, prosecuting, told the jury: “The Crown’s case is that Mr Oluronbi used what he called ‘spiritual work’ as a subterfuge for that sexual abuse.

“The main tactic he employed was to claim that God had instructed him to administer ‘holy baths’ to some of his congregation in order to ‘cleanse’ them and protect them from evil influences.

“That activity began when his victims were children.

“There can be no doubt that its real purpose was to serve his sexual gratification.”

He added that for some of the female victims the offending ‘progressed to repeated rapes, on many occasions leading to unwanted pregnancies and terminations’.

“You will learn that this man, who was revered and feared by his victims, kept a vice-like grip on many of them and continued to abuse them well into adulthood,” Bradley said.

Oluronbi’s victims described him as ‘controlling’ and ‘almost like a king’.

Walton added: “He was a qualified pharmacist so he had access to certain medications, and on other occasions booked them into clinics under false names.

“One of the girls had five or six abortions.”

Describing Oluronbi an ‘intelligent’, Walton also said the pastor ‘laughed’ in court on several occasions while giving evidence in his own defence.

Walton said Oluronbi had been working as a pastor until his arrest in May 2018.

Police also believe there could be more victims and have urged anyone with information to get in touch.

Georgina Hewins of the Crown Prosecution Service said: “This case involved the serious and sustained sexual abuse of vulnerable young children by a religious leader.

“The young age of the victims greatly increases the seriousness of the offences.”

She paid tribute to the ‘great courage of the victims’ which revealed the ‘full extent of the despicable and lawless behaviour of these people’.

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Source: New TelegraphSource: New Telegraph

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