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Pastor Bimbo Shares Frank Talk On Marriage Proposal

I've dealt with cases of people who had challenges with delayed proposals and to be perfectly sincere with you, I have come to discover that the ladies in question have to make one adjustment or the other. Some are simply victims of wrong teachings and beliefs, but the moment the adjustment is made, the tide turns for them immediately.

DEAR SISTER, please don’t be offended at this short piece because it will surely do you good. Maintain an open heart to receive it because it’s the word of the Lord. If you’re born again; I mean you’re grafted into Christ but you’ve been praying everlasting prayer all this while to get married, yet no brother is looking at your side; no proposal is coming from anyone and you’re frustrated, I make bold to tell you that you’re not under any generational curse.

In Christ, the curses of the law are broken forever and we’re blessed with the blessing of Abraham – Gal. 3:13-14. You may need to look within you and make the necessary adjustment both from within and from without. Marriage is not complex or complicated; sometimes it is God’s people who complicate the issues that border on marriage.

I’ve dealt with cases of people who had challenges with delayed proposals and to be perfectly sincere with you, I have come to discover that the ladies in question have to make one adjustment or the other. Some are simply victims of wrong teachings and beliefs, but the moment the adjustment is made, the tide turns for them immediately.

Dear Sister, you can quote me anywhere and you can even hashtag this statement I’m about to make now with my name because I take full responsibility for it, “THERE’S NO MAN ANYWHERE, EVEN PASTOR, APOSTLE, PROPHET, EVANGELIST OR TEACHER, ETC. WHO DOESN’T “LIKE” A BEAUTIFUL SISTER”. Please quote me anywhere!!!

Men are naturally moved by SIGHT, so pay attention to your LOOK. You’re quoting the scripture that you’re fearfully and wonderfully made yet you dress anyhow and then you say God’s Word is not working. How will it work without corresponding action from you? You can’t dress shabbily, look casually and appear like a 95-year-old woman and you expect any man to look at your side.

Also, brothers want to come near you and crack some little jokes with you but you always put on a frowning face. Every little thing, you frown. You’re going to work, you frown; you’re going to the market, you frown; you’re going to church, you frown; you’re going for an interview, you frown; you’re eating, you frown; you receive a credit bank alert, you frown; there’s nothing that happens to you that you won’t frown; it has almost become a “second nature” to you.

Please take this from me dear sister, LADIES WHO SMILE ATTRACT MORE “MEN” THAN LADIES WHO FROWN. You know I called it FRANK TALK, so please permit me to be VERY RAW. A lot of times those brothers want to propose to you but they’re not sure of what will come out of your mouth because of your frowning look. So work on it, beloved sister!

Learn to put on smiling face because even no matter what you’re going through, “aye o pare”(meaning life continues). I have also seen people in church, who, at the instance of benediction, carry their bags and bolt away. When the Pastor says, “The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ”, before he mentions “The love of God”, the lady is already at the gate of the church, and she’s complaining that no brother is proposing to her.

Why are you always in a hurry? There’s a brother in service who wants to ask you how the service was but then you’re nowhere to be found. Friendliness is a key factor here. Be nice and kind to people. Develop good relational skill, although your motive of doing such is not because you want to get married but because it is right to do it. And while that is on, you will provide a conducive environment for brothers to consider you.

Honestly speaking, this thing is not complex; it remains a puzzle for me why people have issues along this line. You cannot sacrifice PRACTICAL THINGS for “PSEUDO SPIRITUALITY”. Things have to be done accordingly. On a final note, please pay attention to hygiene. When you practice good hygiene, you will attract the “right” people.

Package yourself well. Be neat and tidy in all that you do especially in your physical appearance – it’s important Sis.! The little things you have, take good and proper care of them; you don’t need too much money to be neat; it starts with a mindset! Being a woman (with all female peculiarities) does not mean being rough. It’s important to be neat!

Many years ago, a lady walked into the office of a great man of God, seeking for praying along marital line because she had experienced a delay in that area. When the man of God saw her, he said, “Sister, you don’t need any prayer. No brother will propose to you like this. Go and change your physical appearance”. You know what; this lady walked into the office of the man of God with bathroom slippers, hair unkempt, very rough cloth and a forlorn facial expression.

In addition to what the man of God said, he advised the sister to consult a Dentist to file her teeth for her because according to the man of God, those teeth weren’t looking nice at all. Well, the lady did according to the instruction of the man of God and it wasn’t up to six months that she got engaged and shortly got married afterward. Glory to God!

We need more Pastors who will be able to look at people in the eyes and nip issues in the bud. The lady could have been there fasting and praying while neglecting the practical things she needed to do and she probably could have waited forever. It’s important that we present THE FULL GOSPEL to people.

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Be not deceived sister; all those brothers you see speaking in tongues “like” beautiful sisters. Anyone of them who wants to pretend should walk up to me and tell me frankly that it’s someone who looks “ugly” that he likes. I bet you; none of them will ever say that if they are really sincere. Therefore it is you that needs to brush up and don’t let any so-called Pastor put you in bondage.

Of course in all that you do, MODERATION IS KEY, but you need to look nice, attractive and fascinating. A lot of times if God should permit those brothers to give “their own version” of the tongues they’re speaking while praying concerning their marriage partners, you will hear something like, “Lord, yes I want to do your will but please don’t lead me to Sister So-and-so”. Why? Because of some of the issues I raised earlier.

Sister, this is your hour! Your freedom is here! Work on yourself. Pay attention to your look and appearance; always put on a smiling face and joyful disposition; be neat and tidy; be kind and nice to people; develop good relational skill, and be at peace with yourself. Above all, trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the place of prayer and follow His nudgings in your heart!

You’re free right now by the revelation of the truth in your spirit in Jesus’ Precious Name. Amen!


Pastor Bimbo Animashaun is the Founder & General Overseer, Feeding Centre Bread of Life Outreach, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

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