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Pastor Femi Lazarus Shares An Important Secret of Breakthrough

Many believers expect God to lift them when they are busy maltreating God in a seemingly less privileged believer.

I once invested my time and energy in praying for an organization that I thought was performing their purpose in fending for those who are less privileged.

After Praying for many years, I noticed that the only time they enter into a major breakthrough is after I have gone there and gather everyone for prayers, so I began asking questions in my place of prayer, I began asking God for reasons why they are not changing levels, then God called my attention to a few things, not just about them but concerning most believers who are not experiencing breakthroughs.

1) Many believers expect God to lift them when they are busy maltreating God in a seemingly less privileged believer. In other words, you cannot claim to love God that you don’t see and be busy maltreating your fellow human that you can see. Many who shout fire in different meetings are ruthless beings, the moment they get back home, the house girl or the young chap staying with them begin to scramble for their life, he can be beaten with anything available, yet they claim to want to burn for God or see his hands in what they do.

Unfortunately, we have been thought plenty things about prayers and almost nothing about love. We pray and scream in our prayer closet but we shut our bowels of love when we come out. God cannot use you for people you don’t love.

2) Many believers don’t know God, they only believe in him fictionally. I have always told people that there will always be a difference between those who have confessed Jesus as their savior and those who have come to know him in terms of his nature.

Love opens the door of the supernatural more than anything else. I am not sure most churches know that they will see God move in greater dimensions even in their finances when they learn to treat well those who can’t fend for themselves in the church.

When we let love flow through us as believers to others, we touch a major part of God’s heart. Pray, make sure you make prayer an addition, but without love, you will move no mountain. Even faith functions through love.

Many who scream around looking for power don’t really love the church, they just want to be counted amongst the powerful men that God is using. Until you repent, you will only remain a noise maker.

3) Many don’t love God, they are only busy around his house because they want something from him, as a matter of fact, they just want to use God, and the moment they get what they want, they run off.
I have watched several levels of deception in the midst of Christians, it is so amazing when we look at how cold we have become towards our fellow believers.

Do you know that God can move on your behalf by simply loving and fending for someone who cannot love you back? I am showing you kingdom principles! Do you know that delay can come to an end by simply walking in love? Abraham’s delay came to an end the day he entertained strangers.  Do you know that God can decide to show you his face when you allow his love to flow through you to others who cannot love you back?

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Thank God for the revival of prayer and fire in the body of Christ, but without love, we are only sounding cymbals. It is love that gives your voice a meaning in the secret place, without love, you are only a noise maker.

As a pastor or a youth leader in your church, how do you perceive those who barely have offerings to give.

Many leaders have become so demonic and insensitive that the way they talk to those who don’t have will almost push them to commit suicide, we have come to make money look like the ultimate. It is not everyone who doesn’t give that is stingy, some sincerely do not have anything to give. Until there is a REVIVAL in our LOVE life, there will be no meaningful lifting in our whole lives.

Pastor Femi Lazarus is a Lead Pastor at Sphere Of Light Church, he is also Convener of Campus on Fire Conference. He can be reached through this email address:

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