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Pastor Sam Adeyemi Proposes Adjustment to Schools’ Curriculum

Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Center, Pastor Sam Adeyemi has proposed that volunteering and leadership should be added to schools’ curriculum as this will help the younger people grow into a responsible and selfless adult.

The Daystar Senior Pastor said this while delivering a message he titled ‘the secret of impact’

Speaking further on the topic, Pastor Sam noted it is a dangerous thing for one to grow into adulthood focused on one’s self.

He said, “you will ever realize your full potential, you need to take the focus from yourself and put it on others

“Self-centeredness will drag you down but being others focus will lift you up

“Being others focus helps in getting answers to prayers but being self-focused is a hindrance to prayers

Speaking on the relationship between self-centeredness and corruption, he said, “Seeking to use what is meant for others on yourself alone is the root of corruption.

It should be recalled Daystar organized held a basic leadership course for teenagers between the ages of 13 to 19.

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