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Movie Review: Reasons You Must Watch The Slave by Woli Agba

Seeing The Slave by Ayo Ajewole also known as Woli Agba, one verse of the bible comes to mind, ‘if we say we have not sinned, we deceived ourselves and there is no truth in us.

Pastor Caleb (Ayo Ajewole) was a firebrand minister. Full of power and unction from above with known exploits of the grace of God on his life.

He was invited to a meeting in another place and during the course of the meeting and even after, there are lots of manifestations and drama that are better seen than described.

To the world, Pastor Caleb was a great man of God, the type many will want to pattern their life after, but in the closet, he has a demon he failed to tame, he was a promiscuous man of God.

The pastor had accepted to minister at this particular meeting so he could spend time with his girlfriend, a young lady who apparently was a student, but unknown to the promiscuous pastor, the events of that night and the day after would change his life, albeit, reveal the lesson all believer should learn – NO SELF CONDEMNATION.

Pastor Caleb had condemned himself to death till his eyes were opened and he learned his lesson.

The Slave taught a lesson all believers must learn. God does not delight in the death of a sinner, any sinner at all.

As believers, we are expected to live a righteous and exemplary live, but what happens when we sin? Go back to God for forgiveness and restoration.

Another thing that was not lost in the course of the movie is the comedy tough that brought relief to the tension, most especially when the story reached its peak.

Overall, The Slave is a great movie that will be worth your time and data.

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