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Samuel Bela Releases Debut Single Titled God Loves You (Download plus Lyrics)

Samuel Bela is a new face in the gospel music scene. He just released his official debut album titled God Loves You.

Download God Loves You By Samuel Bela

Samuel Bela is new, fresh and passionate not just about music but about the Gospel of Christ.

According to the new talent, he has always loved dancing and acting but he had to reorder his priorities after he wrote his first song at the age of 12.

Samuel decided to give more attention to his music after he completed his basic nursing training in Ibadan.

“God loves you” is his official debut. You can follow Samuel on these social media platforms: Instagram and Twitter: @iam_samuelbela, Facebook: Samuel Bela.

Download God Loves You By Samuel Bela


Intro: Hmmmm, Yeah yeah. Eh. It’s Samuel Bela

  1. Hey, sis are things hard for you?

Does it seem like things won’t work for you, yeah

Never fret, never worry, you just let your mind to be at ease

Never fret,

the Lord is working on your case,

He’s never left you for once

Always think of the love He has for you,

(My God loves you 2x)

He surely does,

He does truly love you, uh…. eh


God loves you my brother,

God loves you my sister,

Oh….oh, yeah, yeah.

(repeat chorus twice)

  1. Hey, Bro,

are things not going the right way?

Does it seem like things are getting too hard  for you…uh to bear

Oh, my Bro (you know what?)

Never fret, never worry,

you just let ur mind to be at ease,

God will assist you to bear your own cross orh,

My God loves you,

oh, yes he does

Never fret for once

cuz he has your name on the palm of his hands,

He’s never forgot you for once oh


Solo:  God loves you more (4 times)

Response: God loves you more (4 times)

All:  God loves you more (4 times)

Solo: God, loves you more.

Repeat chorus till fade

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