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Sick Woman Shares Shocking Encounter With An Angel

Meet Jodie Hughes

Jodie Hughes is a minster of the gospel in Australia. She and her husband are the founders of the Pineapple Revival.

Although she was being used greatly by the Lord with thousands getting saved, she suffered a serious infirmity and only people that were close to her knew about.

Jodie had battled an infirmity for 30 years, and at that point, her only option was to completely remove her bowel and a part of her stomach, which means she will be feeding through tubes for the rest of her life.

During the course of her battle with this disease, Jodie got to know about the King’s decree.

The Kings’s Decree

According to her, the King’s decree is releasing the words of the Lord from your own mouth, but it is more than that. “I believe that we are the King’s decree, we carry the authority on the earth to release the Word of God and God has called us, anointed us, and appointed is to be the literal King’s decree on the earth, and so, it is our mouth that God is asking us to open and decree and release what he is saying from heaven,” Jodie Hughes said.

When asked why she didn’t give up after 30 years of sickness, Jodie said “there was this knowing in my heart what God was saying, that God was decreeing healing, that God is the God of resurrection life and there were moments indeed, but there  was a faith in my heart that God has spoken a different word and there were moments where I would literally get up in my hospital room and I would get up and I’d  have tubes coming out of me everywhere and it would be quite funny to watch

“I would cry many times but I’d go into the bathroom and I’d march around and hold on to my promised Word of God.

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After the doctor had told her the only solution to her condition was to remove her bowel and a part of her stomach, she asked that her husband take her to the hospital’s chapel for prayers after which she decided to ask other brethren to pray along with her.

Her husband put out an online prayer call and within an hour, there were thousands of believers praying for her.

Faith arose within her at this point, her hope was renewed, and she also said she felt a surge of electricity charged through her.

A friend sent her the book of Isaiah 43 while she was having an allergic reaction. As soon as she received the words and declared it, faith rose within her again and the fire sensation in her body left.

The Encounter With An Angel

She continued to declare the Word of God and it was at that point she discovered she could move around a little bit.

Then as she was lying down, she looked at the corner of her hospital room and saw an angel.

She said her eyes were opened and she could see him standing right there.

On sighting the angel, she got so emotional. In her own words, “all of a sudden, as I was lying in my bed, I looked over in the corner of my room and I saw an angel drop into the hospital room. My eyes were opened. It was like the angel was superimposed over the natural but I wasn’t asleep, I was awake and I could see this angel standing there and in a moment, I just became emotional and I was like God, you have remembered me. Even in Isaiah, it says, you have called me by my name and I kept crying and I was like God, you’ve opened the book in heaven.

“And I was looking at this angel and I could see very clearly, this angel had a clipboard and a pen. And as you know In supernatural encounters, they are supernatural because somehow I knew on this clipboard, was all my promises that God had opened them up and he’d sent an angel from the very throne room to let me know he was reading them right then.

“The atmosphere was think and electric and I could feel the glory of the Lord and the hope of the Lord and His faith and His love and I’m watching this angel and he picked up the pen and marked off promises after promises and I’m feeling things start to shift in my body.

“I realized the affliction, the pain was starting to leave my body and the angel’s demeanour started to change and there was this sense of peace that came over this angel and I knew at that moment the angel had not been stern or ticked off with me. The angel was ticked off with the enemy who had kept my body in affliction and torments me for so many years.

She added that there was a sense of peace in her heart and she felt the Holy Spirit tell her to rest.

The following morning, a nurse came to her and she knew something was different. She added that after checking her vitals, the nurse told her she was doing well. And on that day, she was allowed to eat and drink.

She was discharged from the hospital the next day and her discharge document was signed by a doctor named Lazarus.

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