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The Final Contest: The First Christian Musical Movie Did Not Disappoint

This movie is not new, but if you have seen it, you will understand the reason it is up for a review. ‘The Final Contest’, a Christian movie written and produced by Seyi Obembe is a unique, well directed, well scripted, well delivered one and I could pour more praises on the movie and production crew and it won’t be over-hyping.

The fact that the movie is the first Christian musical drama alone is worthy of note, but then, the way comedy was infused without the lessons of the story getting watered down is also worth a thumb up. The Final Contest is the story of unconditional love, passion, rejection and the tenacity of the will of God in marital issue.

Sister Caroline (Ifeoluwa Ogundepo) was a delectable young lady, a university undergraduate and the cynosure of all eyes, most especially in the fellowship choir where Brother Akande (Seyi Obembe), an Illiterate, socially backward and a gardener met and fall in love with the sister. Brother Akande had to fight contend with other men to win Caroline’s heart, most especially the vicious Marcus(Timothy Adebola) who would fight any obstacle on his way to win Caroline, but Akande was not deterred, he was sure God had spoken to him and that was enough.

But Caroline proofed to be more than a difficult woman, she went to extra mile to discourage Akande, rating herself far above his level, aside from this, she was already in love with Austin (Aanuoluwapo Shoneye), a friend of Marcus.

All the humiliation Akande suffered coupled with the advice of his pastor spurred Akande to desire a better life. While Akande was in the city of Lagos, reaching for a better life, Caroline continued her love affair with Austin. How did her relationship pan out, how was she able to find her way back to Akande? I guess you will have to watch the movie to find out.

The movie which was shot in Ile-Ife and Lagos State had a minor noticeable hitch. While the setting of the IGM show was impressive, the way events unfolded after Akande gave Caroline a ‘No’ is a bit awkward so to speak. Akande was a judge on the show, him running out to have a reunion discussion with one of the contestants immediately after her performance left more to be desired, most especially since IGM was branded a live show. Just imagine one of the judges running off to talk with a contestant on MTN Project Fame… a little awkward you will say.

But above all, the Final Contest is definitely a great movie. The songs are deep, and some are very funny, especially Akande’s rendition during the choir audition.

Aside from the jokes and laughter, there are also some lessons to be learned from the THe Final Contest. It is a bitter truth that lots of Christian singles believe God will make them marry someone they don’t love if they go to Him, so they try to go through it themselves, the final contest shows us the value of seeking God in marital choices, like Caroline, we may be presented with someone we think is beneath us, but God is the all-knowing and He will never give us something that will hurt us.

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