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The Stalker: A Must Watch Movie By Mount Zion (Review )

What will make a man decide to divorce a wife he claims to love so much after just six months of marriage? That’s the story of Pastor Abayomi (Damilola-Mike Bamiloye) and his beautiful wife Adesewa Coker (Oluwagbenga Ayoola) in The Stalker: a must watch movie by Mount Zion.

Pastor Abayomi, a man of God with integrity and a prolific writer married his bride in a colorful ceremony, the couple was obviously happy till a shadow from the past showed his face at the ceremony.

Eddie and Adesewa were lovers back in school till Eddie went to jail and Adesewa met Christ afterward. Eddie got back and he wanted to get Intimate with Adesewa again even though she was married, something Sewa did not agree despite the threats coming from Eddie to ruin her marriage and even her husband.

Sewa ran to her mother and she was advised to inform her husband. That was the beginning of the end of the beautiful relationship the two shared. Yomi was sad his wife had kept her past a secret from him added to the fact that he had kept himself all his life.

The Stalker is a movie filled with different emotions and suspense. Will Yomi forgive Sewa and accept her back? Will she join Sewa to fight Eddie? Most importantly, if you are in Abayomi’s shoe, what will you do? Will you forgive your wife and help her fight her adversary?

The stalker taught us about forgiveness and the importance of opening up on the past to one’s partner. Adesewa should have allowed Abayomi decide if he still wants to marry her despite her sordid past, the marriage was built on deception and this was
the loophole Eddie-the stalker used in entering the family. Remember the scripture says ‘whoever covereth his iniquity will not prosper’.

Another thing to look forward to in the movie is the beautiful soundtrack titled ‘I’m Alive’, performed by Joshua Mike Bamiloye.
‘The Stalker’ was written, produced and directed by Damilola Mike Bamiloye.

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