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This May Be The Reason You Are Not Getting Healed (Video)

This May Be The Reason You Are Not Getting Healed

As a believer, at one point or the other, you would have prayed for healing, but while it is easier to pray, getting healed remain the biggest issue a lot of believers are facing.

A lot of us are wondering why we are still sick though we have prayed, have faith and living in obedience. While living in obedience is key, living with wisdom is already key to getting answers to prayers and living a healthy life.

In 1Timothy 5:23, Apostle Paul admonished Timothy to stop drinking just water but to add wine to his meal in order to stop his stomach problem and constant sickness.

Did Timothy pray? definitely, but he was still advised to change his lifestyle and this may be the answer to your prayers. Learn more in the video

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