What TO Do When Experiencing Drought And Scarcity

1Kings 17:1-16, Isaiah 46:10-11……..

One notable prophet in the Bible is the man called Elijah. From the first Bible recorded assignment of this great man, I got this caption, “for every place where there is a drought, there is always an available God supply”.

Drought may be in form of liquidity, food, material wealth, job, spiritual lack etc. Whatever it may appear to be, always know that there is a God of divine supply for He has known the end from the beginning, thus, never will He ever leave a vacuum without filling it up.

Now, we should note that everything wasn’t going on fine with this man of God, I mean, even though Elijah was a man of the spirit he was allowed to feature in the scene, to witness a major season of lack in his generation. Remember it was Elijah that declared there will be no rain for two years and a half, yet, he was not abruptly taken away before the farming began, but he saw it happen (affirming his words come to pass). But we must be careful to note somethings about Elijah through his words, “before whom I stand or whom I serve”. Vs 1b. He was assertive, a man that will speak a word and will be established in heaven must be who is serving God indeed (Not past tense). A man who is a slave to righteousness (Romans 6:19).

At times, naturally things (drought) happen and we wonder why, it may be as a result of foolish roles men have played, decisions made in ignorance or it can be a lesson from God, whatever it may be, we should always note that for all children of God, while a drought last a heavily heavenly provisions has been made.

However, that does not debar God children from seeking divine intervention, for God’s children can not and are not expected to live as mere men. We should note that as Elijah spoke the word and received heavenly recognition, he was able to hear God speak his place of supply (vs.3).

Hearing from God is an attribute of a person that is close to God, many are in lack today because we have abandoned our place of supply, turning away from the shepherd whose desire is to take us to our green pasture. And I sensed God whispering to Elijah; for if it was a loud trumpet the whole town would have followed him.

“Come let me take you to my place of divine supply for a time like this ” (vs 3-4). He ate satisfactorily two square meals a day. And while he was at the place of God divine supply, the drought came again.

What! But God was involved why must there be drought again? Yes, but it happens anyway and can happen to you. But the prophet never kept on eating neglecting his spiritual assignments, though unlike most Israelites, he was feeding well, he did not neglect God cause he had supplied, he was tuned in to the Father, and he was able to hear further instructions, and when God ordered him to God to Zarephat, he  never faithlessly turned away from the widow of Zarephath even after the woman’s reply in vs.12. He trusted God, and in his heart, he believed that if God said it, then that settles it. what is your situation? Are you tuned in to God or you will rather walk alone?

Song: Yaaaaaahweh, Your name is Yaaahweh, You are the miracle-working God, Your name is Yaaaahweeeh……..

Written: By Bamise Egbewole

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