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What You Need To Know About Mr & Miss Christian Beauty Pageant Africa (CBPAfrica)

What You Need To Know About Mr & Miss Christian Beauty Pageant Africa (CBPA) presents a lifetime opportunity for believers who wish to be a model.

Do you wish to be a model? Are you interested in competing in a beauty pegeant where your CHRISTIAN VALUES will be respected and celebrated? Then you need to learn about Mr & Miss Christian Beauty Pageant Africa (CBPA) and register afterward. Read More below.

Emerging Stars from Across the Continent of Africa

12 Men To be Sent


Christian Beauty Pageant Africa a.k.a “Cbpafrica” is a Christian project that is Aimed at Raising Godly interest in the Hearts of Our Next Generation Christian within Age 18-35. Powered by itself as PROJECT120
Christian Beauty Pageant Africa wants to Drive an Unusual Excitement in the Hearts of the Young Christians all over Our Continent (54countries) in Africa with the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ beyond the Denominational Restrictions etc.

Project 120 is Establishing the JesusCulture Style into the Hearts of the Regular Christians in Africa and Beyond by Featuring
3.Fashion Show

Project 120 in Africa is Obliged in Defining Gospel Entertainment from What it is not to what it is.
In it Style of Raising Life Team Building a Bridge that expresses worldliness and Godliness.

The Project Cbpafrica is Fashioned at Raising; Nurturing and Building Christian Style to the Regular Living of the Normal Man to Reach out to it World has it’s become a Trend not to.
The Project is Targeted at Winning all at all Cost by Raising a consistent LIFE TEAM to Bless/Touch/inspire/impact as many as possible in with their Reach on this Platform also Equipping them to Lovingly be a Voice in and out of the Wilderness.

Cbpafrica as a Talent Hunt and Training Center through it HOUSE SHOW BEFORE PAGEANT GRAND FINALE.

Project 120 reaches out to 4kinds of People
1. The Gifted
2.The Talented
3. The Skilled
4. The Lost(the ordinary)

By God’s Grace
■for the Increase in the Desires to Win Souls and
■Strive to Maintain a Godly Life.
■and to Live in the fullness of their Godly Heritages.

The Project intent to be Thorough and intolerant about The Cause of the Lord.
Christian Beauty and Grace PAGEANT AFRICA
In all this, we have established Packages in Our System to accomplish this Godly Factors.

To raise consistent men for the Gospel of Jesus Christ as Christ by the Power of the HOLY GHOST

To Build platforms to keep men encouraged. Or to Build platforms to keep Encouraged Young Christians (Men) who are called out for Ministry Works and create the Unrestricted Place to Exercise Christ to the World.

This Project wants to be the Medium to Draw men in all Denominations off from the 4walls of all Dogma.

For more information, please Visit Our Website.

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