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See Why You Can Use Your Tithe To Help The Needy

See Why You Can Use Your Tithe To Help The Needy

The debate about new testament believer, tithe and tithing may probably never end as some will always find a way to justify their belief.

But in the middle of the whole noise and debates, it is important that we don’t get carried away by words of men alone but we check the scripture to see what it says on controversial issues as this. In the story of the good Samaritan, Jesus taught what it means to be a good neighbour, the type that will get his master’s recommendation.

In this story, we often focus on the good Samaritan while we ignore the reason the priest and Levite left the man for the dead.

Some believed they must be cruel, kind, and unloving to even leave the man who needed help, but a closer look at the consecration of priests and Levites shows this is not entirely true.

So in this video, I am relating this to the controversial issue of tithe and tithing. Should believers tithe? That is a question for another day, but then, if a believer should tithe, should it be more important than being a good neighbour? Find answers in this video.

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